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Viewpoint Photographic Design - North Battleford, Saskatchewan Photograph by Paul Sayers

“Photographers deal in things that are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth that can make them come back again.”

-- Henri Cartier-Bression


Viewpoint Photographic Design
North Battleford, Saskatchewan

The work of professional photographer - Paul Sayers

Viewpoint Photographic Design was established as a full time business in 1979 with the purchase of a 1906 heritage building located on 103rd St. in North Battleford. This building became our studio and centre of our lives until September 2015 at which time we sold and moved. With over 35 years of Viewpoint in North Battleford our client list is extensive and our friendships many and it is these people to which we owe our success.

We have lived at Jackfish Lake since 2000, so the natural progression was to move our business into our home, which we did! Even though we no longer have a studio we are still very active in the photography arena. All of our photography is now done on location. We have seen our commercial photography increase and we still photograph many families, reunions, and grads.

The lakes are home to many people as well as a temporary paradise to many more, we encourage people to use these locations to record their special memories. We also work in peoples yards and farms and feel portraits are even more special if photographed in their own settings. Please call us at 306.445.5777 to arrange for your on-location portrait session.

Paul and Pauline Sayers

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